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Hello, saffa here
« Gepost op: 31-12-2015, 13:23 »
Hello there! This feels like the Dutch version of our Wilddog Adventure Riding forum :)

I've recently arrived from South Africa and ridden a BM X Country. Now I'm planning on getting the 2016 Honda CB 500x for traveling and the 100km daily commute.

Just a couple of questions, if you guys and gals don't mind.
Does anyone know where I can get Uvex Enduro helmets? Searching the net delivered no results.
The same with KLIM gear.
If there are dealers on the forum, feel free to pm me.

Insurance, what can I expect to pay here? 29yo, living in apartment? Which are good insurance companies for bikers?
Same with financing? I bank with ING, their rates seems higher, but I can pay back more than the monthly rate without penalty. I'd like that option.

Any general advise for the Dutch roads also welcome.

Thanks all and I can't wait to get back on the road! The train is killing my soul. :P


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Re: Hello, saffa here
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: 31-12-2015, 14:09 »
general advise...

we drive, ride on the right side...  :-X
....espangol es dificil... entonces Lo intento algo....

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Re: Hello, saffa here
« Reactie #2 Gepost op: 31-12-2015, 15:58 »
Klim is for sale at Alexanders

Uvex helmets, seen them but cant recall were, try

btw, next saturday jan 2 we have a newyears ride and bite in Vianen (near Utrecht) we gather around noon at this location:

coordinates: 51.993461, 5.073380

Recreatieplas de Put, Middelwaard, Vianen

Landmark: Motel Vianen / Van der Valk voor het bereiken van de ingang met aanhanger. history ..... 640 ook, 690EnduroR ook, nu een Yamaha T7 en een CRF450 2006 en een CRF 450 Rally 2007

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Re: Hello, saffa here
« Reactie #3 Gepost op: 31-12-2015, 17:43 »
Welcome here!

Uvex has stopped manufacturing motor helmets. They sold the rights, blue prints and machinery to Nishua.
Nishua helmets are cheap at Louis, a German offline & online shop that ships to the Netherlands:

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Re: Hello, saffa here
« Reactie #4 Gepost op: 31-12-2015, 18:13 »
Hiya Saffa!

Should have kept the Country, My favorite daily commuter.

Insurance;  if she sleeps outside, check your coverage, there are several companies who exclude that (where do you live?)

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Re: Hello, saffa here
« Reactie #5 Gepost op: 31-12-2015, 19:24 »
Depending on size/colour you can still get a new Uvex on the German Ebay site.
Depending on size I have one available in very slightly used form. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.

Cheers, Ard

Oh and welcome to the fold !

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Re: Hello, saffa here
« Reactie #6 Gepost op: 04-01-2016, 14:01 »
Thanks for the welcome and feedback everyone :)

My gear has been ordered. So hopefully not too long before I'm on the road again.

The X Country is still back in South Africa being used by my dad :)
I was thinking of getting my bike here but received quotes of 1500-2000 eu to get it here, which is too much.
If anyone knows of another place that does shipping for bikes, that would be great!

Thanks again, and I'll try stay on the right hand side!