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Auteur Topic: Eindhoven offroad riding  (gelezen 1076 keer)

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Eindhoven offroad riding
« Gepost op: 29-12-2020, 12:51 »
Hi everyone,

I'm from Australia and have been living in Eindhoven for about 18 months now. I've grown up riding little dirt bikes around the bush, ridden on race tracks as a teenager then had a motorbike to get around the city as an adult. I've been missing having fun on a bike and was thinking of getting a small dirt bike (probably 125 - 250cc) to hopefully ride around in the dirt nearby.

I was wondering if there was anyone else around Eindhoven that might be able to give me some tips on where to go? And perhaps a stupid question, but if I don't ride on roads do I need a dutch motorcycle license? I'm not looking to ride far or in traffic, it would be more like a big toy  :D

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Re: Eindhoven offroad riding
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: 29-12-2020, 15:20 »
Welcome Nicola,

Unfortunately for you, you need a driving license for riding anywhere, except for closed race tracks. There happens to be one close to Eindhoven: But you still need to put your bike one a trailer or in a van to get there if you do not have a license.

Riding in forests and the like is forbidden. Riding on unpaved roads is allowed, unless explicitly stated next to the road, but still requires a driving license.

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Re: Eindhoven offroad riding
« Reactie #2 Gepost op: 29-12-2020, 21:46 »
And besides a drivers licence your bike needs to have a licence plate and has to be insured. Like stated above, only on a closed cross circuit all of this is not needed, but in that case you need a trailer to get there and those circuits are not for free (and not open every day).

The good news is that there is plenty of trials around Eindhoven (roughly everywhere below the line Breda-Tilburg-Eindhoven-Venlo). The bad news is that police and forrest rangers (if that is the correct word ..) are patrolling quite a lot so be aware where to drive (avoid Belgium at all, fines are higher overthere).

If you plan for the circuits I have not much advice on a bike (by the way, there are much more circuits, also in villages around Eindhoven). If you plan for off road, you'll notice a bit more heavy 4-strokes are the most popular (400cc and up roughly).

I wonder what brought you here, for off road riding I would have stayed down under  ;D

gr Jos (also from Eindhoven)

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Re: Eindhoven offroad riding
« Reactie #3 Gepost op: 29-12-2020, 22:41 »
From what I gather from his first post, Nicola probably does have a driver’s license.
So the real question seems to be: does he need a Dutch license?
Being a Belgian, I have no idea.
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