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Informatie van de organisatie!
« Gepost op: 22-02-2004, 15:31 »

Gisteravond heb ik (net als jullie waarschijnlijk) een mailtje van Pekka gekregen met wat inleidende informatie over het gebeuren. De kosten zijn op €145,-- gezet.
Verder zijn de groepen met rijders niet al te groot, van 4 tot 10 motorrijders, kun je lekker doorrijden denk ik. De tekst staat wat beter leesbaar onder de menuoptie Allroad Nangu .

Dear all,

Attached is the first information bulletin regarding Allroad Tour 2004
Nangu. There is plenty of information still to come, but in order to avoid
details sinking into information flow, we have separate bulletins concerning
different themes. Bulletins regarding route and gps issues, technical
service and tyres, the arrangements at starting point and list of
participants and groups will be sent to you later.

Best regards

Pekka Heikkinen
Allroad Tour Team



We are so many in Allroad Tour 2004 Nangu that it is impossible to guide
everyone personally. We expect that everyone has read these information
bulletins as well as the info at our website beforehand.

During the tour, information on daily rutines is available at bulletin board
in camps. Please do not pass the bulletin board without reading it. Also
group leaders and service crew know the essential and you are welcome to ask
whenever you have questions.


The actual start happens on Sunday morning 1st August 2004. However, we
expect everyone to arrive to starting point already during Saturday evening
31st July 2004. The starting point is a village called Suomussalmi, which is
situated 700 km north from Helsinki. Those who arrive by ferry to Helsinki
or Turku, please note that it takes one whole day to ride to Suomussalmi.
The heart of action in Suomussalmi is at gas station called Teboil
Turjanhovi, which is situated by highway no 5 in Suomussalmi.

We will send you later a detailed schedule and guidance regarding Saturday
evening and Sunday morning.

On Sunday we start riding up north to Lappland. The camp is moved in
accordance with our route and there is only one camp where we stay two
nights. Then you have one day to enjoy riding without luggage. We will be
back in Suomussalmi on Saturday 7th August.


We ride in groups of 4-10 bikes. Those who have registered themselves
together are automatically placed in same group. The rest of participants
are placed in groups mainly in accordance with their wishes. At this point
of time you have still time to send us information on you and your wishes
regarding grouping. If you are joining the tour for the first time, it would
be reasonable to send us at least information regarding your "gravel

The list of participants and groups will be sent to everyone later and then
you will also receive the contact information of your groupmates, so you can
start preparing yourselves for the tour together.


The participants need to have tents of their own since we will accommodate
in tents in some camps. In some camps there is a possibility to sleep
indoors - but not in all camps.


Service crew (and catering enterprises during some days) take care of  all
our meals, starting form the breakfast on Sunday morning 1st August, ending
to breakfast on Saturday 7th August. Therefore you do not need to bring food
supplies or cooking equipment with you. Flatware (spoon, plate, mug...) you
have to take along yourselves. Breakfast, dinner and evening snack is served
every day. For the riding day, you have a possibility to take some kind of
packed lunch with you. If you desire e.g. for candy, beer or pastry, you
have to purchase and transport them yourselves.

Remeber to take a drinking bottle with you. You can fill it up in camps by
juice or water, and it is going to be one of the most important things to

Please let us know beforehand if you are allergic to some food or have a
special diet.


The participants carry their personal belongings, tents and reserve fuel on
their bikes. Service cars transport service equipment like mobile kitchen,
tent sauna etc.

Think carefully what to pack and how to pack. You need to have enough
supplies to be able to manage in bad weather, but on the other hand, nobody
wants to ride uncomfortably by carrying needless stuff around. Decent
sleeping bag, enough warm clothes and rain coat are not the ones to be left
home. The tour is rough and it is stupid and dangerous to waste energy to
being freezing and sleeping not well.

If you have extra luggage that you do not want to take on tour, you can
store it in starting point.


The expenses (prime cost only) are equally shared among the participants.
The expenses consist e.g. of food supplies, cooking fittings, rentals and
fuel of service cars, rentals of tent sauna, catering fees and accommodation
fees. Our co-operating companies participate in the service and share our
responsibilities so that the cost can be kept reasonable.

The participation fee for Allroad Tour 2004 Nangu is 145 euros per person.
The instructions regarding payment will be sent to you later.

During the tour you need money to be able to pay your fuel. Almost every gas
station in Finland accept common credit cards, but since we are riding in
backwoods and the refuelling is done in very small places, it is wise to
have cash with you. The currency used in Finland is euro.


Allroad Tour is far from commercial tourist business and that is why Allroad
Tour does not offer any special insurances to participants. Eventhough
Allroad Tour Team takes care of the arrangements, it is not responsible for
participant's actions. All participants operate at their own risk and must
take care of their insurances, personal property and themselves.

It is a fact that during every tour someone's bike breaks, someone falls and
someone has some other reasons to drop out. If someone has to drop out, his
share of costs will stay at others' disposal. Everyone in trouble will be
helped, but the tour goes on and therefore e.g. service crew cannot be
required to be available elsewhere than in camps. This is one very good
reason to consider your way to ride, your gear and the condition of your
bike beforehand. It is you who can affect the most to what kind of tour you
will have.


Nu maar hopen dat de rest van de info ook spoedig komt, ben er wel benieuwd naar!