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Euro riders wanted in north of England


Next years Ryedale Rally Will run on the 9th and 10th July and the Yorkshire Enduro Club hopes to attract riders from across the North Sea to take part in what in becom They premier rally event in the country. Sweden, Norway, Holland, Germany, Belgium, France are not far away so if you are reading this in one or those countries or a UK enthusiast and you have contacts abroad, have a look at this and spread the word.
The event is aimed at big trail  and Dakartype bikes and forms part of the UK Big Bike Challenge. The course is long and challenging if you're a trail rider and easy if you're an enduro rider - unles you're on an Africa Twin or GS1200 or a KTM 990 with a pizza box!
There are many event movies on youtube (check the the pizza delivery man at aleast) and keep an eye on the NEEC website for online entries in the New Year, and post your thoughts on the Ryedale Rally Forum.
Many thanks from The Yorkshire Enduro Club.

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