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first riding ktm 450 exc

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Hi there,

So this weekend I finally picked up my new bike. I did some evening rides and loooooove the bike. I can post my impression in a few bulletpoints:

* damn, this bike is so powerful
* where is the neutral?
* it's so powerful!
* I need to learn shifting again in those boots
* no no, no asphalt again! Poor tires :(
* Ok let's try this whoop, I hope there is no police nearby
* Quite good head light, didn't expect that
* Now, I need to start learning the riding technique
* Let's try to kickstart it. Only 1 try is enough? nice!
* This suspension is really good
* Where are all the ppl I can ride with?

It's so fun to ride it. Though if anyone would like to do some rides with novice, I'm more than happy to join!


Time to change the oil and metal filters? Remember, it's ready to race!

Were do you reside. I know some spots in Utrecht region.

I reside in Zwolle. I'm searching for motortrailer now so once I have it we can meet and have some nice ride. What do you think?

Yup, first my wrist needs to heal, then i'll get back to you.


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