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Help me!! Best bike and places for nl offroad

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Hi everyone! I am about to come to the netherlands and I need some help. I would like to do some offroad, but I am not sure about what kind of places this country offers. This also leaves me uncertain about what kind of bike to buy. I will probably live in Den Haag, and what I would love to do is to buy a pure enduro (like 250 exc) and use it once or twice a week to do some enduro and some exploration (maybe sand riding??). I also would like to bring my bike in an mx track sometimes, but will I be easely able to find places where to go "close" to Den Haag? And what about MX tracks? Should I just buy a pure mx bike since there is no places where to do enduro? should I consider to buy a bigger bike (like ktm 690 or ktm adventure) because with these kind of bikes there is more places where to go? I hope you will be able to help me and also hope to see you all soon for a ride!!

I think this topic might help a lot

all enduro's in Europe, you'll notice then the Dutch Enduro's ar a bit further away from the Hague
The day after most dutch enduro's you can ride on OTR (off the Road Ride) on the same track yet without the competition element.

This Forum initiates some nice rides to, 3 of them several days and some dayrides to, most in the south, North or east of the Netherlands, the west only has some tolerated sites were you can ride a bit, like here: 51.993461, 5.073380

MX is a different world, cant help you in that direction

And an MX bike is not alowed anywhere else than on a MX track.

Welcome btw!

Thanks for answering! I have already read all the topic you gave me before writing a new one. But I have not been able to get a clear idea... When you say that there is no places close to The Hauge, do you mean that places are like in an hour ride? Or are they really far?
I know mx bikes are not allowed to go anywhere else, but there is no insirance to pay and if this would be the only use I would do then I would save some money!!
Post Merge: 04-01-2016, 11:26Are you guys able to ride often with these organized rides you talk about?

In the season that farmers have their crops off the fields there are the organised enduro's (competition) and the before mentioned off the roads. Those are real off road rides with little concrete (we have to do some road work though because there are too many roads ;)). Those start around september until new year, and than some in march I think.
There are enough rides, but travel is needed. (look on the map, most is on the east/south side of the netherlands.

Then there is the ''allroad'' rides. Some organised by ''us''. Those are more like friend rides than real organisation like the one above which are done by clubs and managed by the KNMV (Royal dutch motorsports association). All kinds of terain and level and very much depending on the weather the week before how hard they are. Also some with lugage and campings, some on roadbook, some on gps, or rides with a ''guide''.

North and south holland (provinces) are the most difficult places to ride. Around drenthe, brabant there is more space. Stay on the legal paths please.


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