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Hi everyone! I made a new topic some months ago and even if I didn'f write since than I have been following you.. In the topic I wrote you told me that usually people can ride on enduro tracks made for competitions for free the day after the race... Are the races you are talking about the ones I found in this calendar?

This means that if I go in Eindhoven the 24th of April I will be able to ride for free in the track they will be using for the competition?

Not this time. The event schedule of the cross club that organises the event does not mention a off-road ride on the 24th

Tomorrow (Easter!) there's an off-road ride: [size=78%][/size]

Probably the last one untill autumn.

ok, so not every time they offer rides..
Last one?? You don't have the chance to ride in summer?

in summertime all the fields are prepepared and crops are growing. Without the farmers fields, enduro-competition or off-road rides are verry difficult to organise in The Netherlands.

In summertime, you will need friends who know the area.  ;)

ok, but it is still possible to do some enduro in summer?


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