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Did I understand right?

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uhm. depens on what you mean by enduro..

Enduro in dutch = Offroad event with competition

offroad event = offroad event, no competition

offroad riding = no event. just hit the trails you know ( we prefer legal trails to keep the exsisting trails open)

allroad riding = offrod/allroad riding mixed together. this way you can see more of Holland  ;)

offroad/allroad riding is possible if you know the trails ore know someone who does. In summertime there are no big events. People who are active on this forum do get together a few times in summer. Maybe you can tag alonge.  ;) is the sub-forum where thes get togethers are announced.

I hope this is helpfull.  :)

yess!! ok I hope to see you all soon then! thank you

Yes! that's all right!


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