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A few of you may have heard about our work on creating an off road (or as much as possible) route from North cape in Norway to tarifa in Spain with one loop through Eastern Europe and the other through NL and the UK. Loz, Timpo,Wimj, Ad, Roos etc are in on the plan.

It would be great to have involvement from more Allroadmaniacs with contributions and reconnaissance -

let me know if you want to know more..............................


What parts are you missing?

We have a route through NL - based on an old midsummer 1000 - but a link to Amsterdam woiuld be great - appreciate that allroad tracks get very limted in the west of the country though.
In France we have a route from calais/dieppe to perpignan and the Pyrenees but it's a bit boring in the north and I was thinking of trying to create something down the eastern side of France ideally to the Jura and alps before looping west back towards Perpignan. I know the Alps can be tricky. I remeber a chap near Liege who used to advertise under had a multiday route from the Ardennes to Geneva but can't find any evidence he's still going.
Finland and the baltics are sussed though there is a gap from there to Greece. balkans is getting sorted as is Italy. An Italy - Perignan rouet, as mentioned abovem, would be graet. Spain and portugal sorted. UK sorted belgium - I've an old route - bit of Ad's and a bit from others. Any update on legalities would be graet as I gather the belgiques are getting a bit ecowarrior

Plenty of routes through Belgium about, will collect a few good options and share.

Fab! Drop me your e-mail address and I'll "invite" you onto the Facebook group to access where we are and routes we have


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