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big enduro bike in the Netherlands


Hi everyone, I know I have already wrote tons of messages asking for opinions on the right bike to buy, but I still didn't understand which is the right bike for me in the Netherlands. I might have found a good occasion for a ktm 640 lc4 motard which I could then convert into enduro. My question is, is Dutch enduro such that is duable with a big bike like a ktm 640? or is it more technical and requires a skinny racing bike?

Hi edu. If you want to ride the events organised by and for members of this forum a bike line ktm 640 adventure is great. OTR rides are okay on such a bike as well. Just a bit more demanding on the body. ;) if you want too ride enduro races, a true racer like a 300 2stroke or a 450 4stroke is the better option.

All OTR and enduro routes go true a lot of farm fields. There you need power to get thru. Off course, the les weight, the easier the tecnical stuff.

If you have a trailer or a bus. And you want too all of the above. I'd go with a 450 ore 500 4 stroke.

To be sure, you could just go and visit an OTR and/or enduro event as an spectator.

Good luck.

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Thank you!! I also saw that enduro events only last until January, so then my only option would be have a racebar bike and go motocrossing or go enduro by my self..


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