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ADVTracks is designed exclusively for motorcycle riders. Our main purpose is to become a reliable social network of motorcycle riders, where members share their GPS tracks as well as their riding experience, adventures, advice, and where they can find new friends and riding buddies. We hope ADVTracks will develop into a community of adventure and holiday riders and we welcome everyone who loves exploring Europe on two wheels. It doesn’t matter where you’re headed, what matters is that you share! Read and upload your own ride reports, GPS tracks, route suggestions, and practical tips as well as photos and videos from your rides.

ADVTracks perks:
- Open, quick and easy registration using native user accounts, Facebook or Twitter social network accounts.
- Page uses OpenStreetMap (OSM) because it is open source, community-driven map which has more off-road tracks and highest accuracy as it‘s beeing updated more frequently. These are the main reasons for choosing OSM instead of Google Maps.
- All posts have access control – open (everybody can see it), private (only owner can see it) and hidden (only users with URL can see it).
- Three types of markers can be added to GPS tracks – photo, Youtube video, and text. Marker count is not limited.
- Ability to follow and be followed by other users
- Unlimited count of GPS track markers
- Unlimited count of photos in photo gallery

check out:

This project is young, and it‘s managed by a very enthusiastic team of adventure riders.


Agrafa Mountains, Greece
Agrafa Mountains in Greece is a region rarely visited by tourists. Agrafa literally means uncharted, and the whole region is still very scarcely populated. Dirt tracks, gravel, rocky goat paths and forgotten mountain passages are in abundance, making it an absolute adventure riding paradise.
GPS tracks, gallery and full story -


Crossing The Jungles Of D. R. Congo Overland!

A great ride report from D. R. Congo: free GPX track, tips & tricks, more than 40 min. video.

There was a lot of sand until Tshikapa and the ruts were so deep that sometimes my panniers were crashing. We were riding 70 km (43 miles) per day there. Usually there are bicycle trails which are more decent. It’s important for motorcyclists to keep looking for them. The locals always point the riders towards them.

more -

Passo Della Forcella

It shows a world far away from the known... so different and yet so beautiful. Come and ride this legendary pass in Friaul.

Download free GPX file at

Jadovnik-Peshter Mountain Tracks
Beautiful 2-day adventure ride across some of the most spectacular tracks in central Serbia. Peshter highlands are really something, resembling northern Mongolia.



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