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Hi all,

As this is my first post on the forum, a little intro: I moved to NL about two years ago with my bog BMW, later purchased a smaller Yamaha with which i started to get a little into the Enduro topic. But still rather beginner :)

As I believe I am not the only one around here and I prefer to ride with someone rather than alone, I thought it would be nice to see if anyone else is interested in spending some time training and learning new things in Bilstain, Belgium and eventually maybe forming and interest group...



I go there a couple of times a year, mostly for trial riding. Its an awesome place, mostly when its dry.

Also good place for (extreme) enduro riding (experienced or novice riders which know their boundaries)

Wil daar ook eens heen.
Wanneer gaan we?

Voorlopig niet; ben nét terug! Was super plus we hadden lekker weer :)
Vooral de droge rivierbedding volgen is een aanrader! De nog natte rivierbeddingen zijn verboden en dat snap ik ook wel!

Je kunt je motor ook lekker afspuiten. Kost €2 muntje, in de meest linker gleuf. De rest is 'out of order'.

Het eten is goed; veel van de lokalen komen daar eten. Er zitten dus hele families en zelfs zakenlunches vinden daar plaats, motorrijders mixen daar prima. Is blijkbaar een part/way of life geworden in Bilstain ;D

Oh guys, English part :) I went there several times and liked it. So when are we going? I have quite busy times ahead of me, but in June should be doable? What do you think?



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