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Is Enduro legal or not???

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thats a hard question.

I recommend to follow the track on you screen, and use street view where you see the track go in to a forrest or on to a dirt track. But be advised. Roads get closed on a regular basis. So street view may be out of date.

If it looks to be an legal track. Ride it. at places where there is an raod closed ore you are onsure. just ride a de-tour and pick the track back up where it leaves the closed section.

After some time, you'll find the good riding areas. ;)

Good luck. And if you ever want to ride in the north (Drenthe/Groningen), just send a PM.

bokito (Jos):

Several of us maniacs ride events off
damm close to EDH.
Off course you can go Spain thats where the fun part starts

thank you all!!!!

As far as I know it's legal


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