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Pirineos end of April 2018
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Here's something new. I'm working in collaboration with a top Spanish off-road company to promote and assist at their Trip & Track rally event at the end of April.

I was at the first Trip & Track back in 2015 and it was amazing, just about the best day I've ever had despite it nearly killing me! :)

Then it was 280 kms - 80& on trails, based at a camping in the Pyrenees near where I live. Since then it's evolved into three or four days - that's a 'Marathon option! - gig based in four star hotels. It starts and ends in Zaragoza city with overnight stops at Huesca and down in Alcañiz.

Each day's stage is over 200 kms and there are four categories - each with the option of three or four days - there are 'easy' categories: one for multi-cylinder Dual Sports bikes over 200 kgs and one for classics, i.e. over 25 years old, and 'scramblers'. These avoid the more difficult sections by going on great roads and are thus 60% trail.

The other two categories are: bikes of over 140 kgs and 'Dakar' bikes kitted out for rally conditions, fuel capacity, etc. fairing to carry a paper roll style road book, which is the mandatory navigation system for this category. These categories use 80% trails.

Most of the territory in in and around the fabulous Los Monegros semi-desert and the conditions can be gruelling - look at the brilliant video on the web page! - with a stage including a wander up into the Pyrenees where they overlook Huesca city.

The event is 'non-competitive' but has all the other trimmings of a full blown rally, i.e. fixed teams (three), the stages are timed, etc. and as well as the road-book there are two other navigation options, the TRIPPY device and your own satnav. There is also full on-trail back-up and rescue with an options to use your own if required, and overnight luggage is sorted to the hotels in Huesca and Alcañiz ahead of you - NB you leave your main kit, including vans, trailers, etc. at Zaragoza.

One of the partners is actually Italian who has settled in Spain so a lot of Italians join as well as Spanish riders, but the event is aiming to be even more international, hence my involvement and I'll be in attendance for the language, etc. The 'etc.' includes shining KTM España to order parts - not saying anything about Katey's but after five years of doing the same at my HISS events I'm more or less on first name arms with the KTM parts department!  :lol:

My first task has been to rewrite the web page that was a bit home-made. As I write I'm waiting for clarification on some items that were ambiguous, but that shield be sorted over the next day or two - I'm en-route for a TET bash in Kiev! Meanwhile you can mail me on here:

Come, being at a Spanish off-road gig will be the best thing you've ever done!




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