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Auteur Topic: Barry Moris van Cross Training Enduro video's breekt rug  (gelezen 191 keer)

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Mijn favoriete vlogger Barry Moris van Cross Training Enduro video's breekt rug heeft zijn rug gebroken. Het komt goed maar hij is een jaar uit de running.

I broke my back on the last ride, doh! Compression fracture of the T4 with smaller unimportant breaks in the T3 and T5 as well.
Just bad luck, it seems the rear wheel was bounced by a stump and I couldn't get to the rear brake in time before I picked up too much speed. Knocked out, rolled 20m downhill with plenty of bruises and scratches to show for it.
Thankfully no lasting probs with the concussion. Five days in hospital. It's all not as bad as it sounds as I can hobble around my apartment already and I'm already off most of the pain meds. But I'm in a neck/body brace for three months according to the doctor, and was told not to ride for a year till it's fully healed. Doh. But no complaints as I could have been paralysed instead.
I'll do a vid to fill in the details and can answer questions through the comments section.
Many of you know this Youtube gig barely pays the bills, especially if you refuse to take on sponsors, merchandising, affiliate links and Youtube ads. And many of you have encouraged me to run ads, which I have always tried to avoid.
But I've looked at how the next year should pan out and things are going to get tight financially so I fear the dreaded ads may need to start.
These won't be on the supporter vids of course, just the public vids. If you hate ads like I do, I highly recommend something like Adblock which automatically bypasses all the Youtube ads, woohoo.