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Fe501 rally build

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My 1st real topic :)

Sooo I've now been in NL for a couple of years and did a nice 3500km trip to Sweden on my 990S.

I never gelled really well with the 990. Guess I spent too many years on 450's.

I decided to go back to something familiar again, but this time, I wanted to spoil myself.

So 1st order of business, finding a bike.

Got a 2017 501 with a fresh topend on marktplaats.

Still in good looking condition

I went from this:

To this:

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We used to do 1200km adv rides over a weekend in South Africa, so I'm used to spending a lot of time on a narrow seat.

At least, I used to be. Haha

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Although I'd prefer to support local, the Nomad Adv tower seems to carry its weight a bit farther forward than the Radegarage alternative.

And at almost the same price, the carbonfiber rade part looks pro!

First couple packages started to arrive and I immediately
started with assembly

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Nicely packaged and the YouTube video helps a lot for fitment.

Kit looks really well made

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Looking forward to the rest of your build. Do you plan to participate in a rally or stay adventure riding?


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