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Fe501 rally build

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Got the forks back from Van Laar.
They sure feel plusher than before.

The springs were the correct ratios but the shims or cone valve was apparently changed to match my description of needs.
He also gave me a printout of shock and fork settings for sand and hard pack.

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I was never truly happy with the white colored design.

Decided to go with back plastics

.. a sticker kit

and a pipe  > :D

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was nice working on my bike again. Feels like I need to get another 450 project to keep me busy

Fitting the new plastics was a bit of a mission. The fender came out of the packaging all twisted skew   ::)

Bling-o meister

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After fitting the quiet insert, I'm quite happy with the pipe   ;)

Lifting the front in 5th gear at 80km/h is no issue
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Not the best photos but I'm very happy with the result

Found some handguards on special.

I think I might still prefer the looks of the stock ones with the added 3D parts and mirrors, but I did find that my mirrors vibrated quite badly and adversely effecting its visibility.

These have the Husky blue plastic inserts which fits in nicely with the new graphics and I have some back shields on backorder to replace the white sections.

The biggest bonus is that I can now tilt the controls down, to fit my long arms better

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Doubletake mirrors from amazon

They show no vibration, so thats a plus too

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Found a nice 48mm brake line 3D model on the net.
It has a cable-tie running through the middle which allows for a nice tight fit to the forks:

Peeking inside the tank while the bike was idling, I observed some air bubbles.. apparently that is partly caused by the 52psi pressure regulator but i decided to fashion up a pressure gauge to test the FI system

Seeing as I replaced the stock quick disconnects with metal variants, I could re-use the stockers for this purpose ;)

Turns out the pump manages 3bar. Which is below the 3.5bar minimum.
Lower pump pressure will result in a lean condition and in combo with the new exhaust, I suspect it was not very happy

I was erm-ing and ah-ing about what to do with this and decided to just go for the all balls pump rebuild kit:

Out with the pump

While I'm in here, I also increased the inlet holes, at the bottom of the pump housing. The stock holes are very tiny:

This does not include the Mahle K97 pre-filter and the current filter has over 50hours on it, filtering fuel from 4 different countries. It does look quite back  :o

This is now on order from the states and who knows how long I will have to wait for it, but its a life-long item and filters at 35microns (stock is 40)

Nice ear clamp tool:

Makes for neat fittings   8)

Its been 50hrs since I last checked the valve clearances.
All still nicely in spec

How neat is this frame under the tank?   ;)

Why this filter? This very expensive new filter has a much, much smaller surface area. Carry a cheap plastic spare if you need. But you usually won't.

Don't take To modding just for doing it, usually you end up making something good slightly worse in the end. What do the factory teams use?

Good question.
More flow (surface area) is not my goal. Reliably maintaining 52psi is.

The plastic filters will eventually crack and leave you stranded as you will have to dump all your fuel to replace it.

This filter is a life-long item which will filter out smaller debris than stock.
I like being able to also clean it on an annual basis.

Factory teams use stock filters which they change way more frequently than a solo adventure rider like myself

But, you are also correct in a way. I don't NEED this. And chances are I never will.

That being said, after adventure riding in Africa over the last 30-odd years, I made a point of not being stranded as it can be quite dangerous at times.

So it's an habitual thing too.

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Nice. I still need to cover the fuel pump quality.

Mine runs fine for many hours and is always dipped petrol (never ran dry) but I have to clue on its age, source, state. The allballs set looks good, did you order from the us or an eu source?

From EU

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