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Off-road practices with a non-NL licensed plate KTM EXC?

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Hi, finally I decided to sell the bike in Spain and look for another one there in the NL after checking places/activities/etc.

Could you please share how much are the taxes and insurance costs for a KTM EXC (for example a 150, 250, 300 2-stroke) there in NL?. 

Good excuse to move to the TPI ones  :P



Verzekering WA ergens tussen €35/55 per jaar.
Belasting €10 per maand voor elke motor.

Insurance is according to what your status is with the insurance company. It wont brake the bank most of the time.
Tax is €10 per month for every motorcycle.

Good choice getting a dutch bike. If you registered in Utrecht you can not drive a Spanish plate in the Netherlands. Not only for the Belastingdienst but also for the Wegenverkeerswet. The exemption for taxes is applicable for one vehicle like you said and it has to meet the standards for road safety in the Netherlands by the RDW. If everything checks out like your ECX would have as it was posted in the catalogue it's not a problem and a matter of minutes they approved it. But getting a dutch bike is a whole less hassle.

Not sure it is less hassle, if you have to sell a bike and buy another one.
If your paperwork is ok (and the numbers match), importing the bike is not difficult, regardless of it's state. It will cost you around 300 Euros plus half a day, depending on the age of the bike.

But I don't want to take away your opportunity to upgrade to a TPI :-)


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